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香港JR设计 HK JR Design-荷澤喜來登酒店設計
in the spring and april, under the leadership of chief engineer shen hongxia, jr hotel design team went to sheraton shandong hotel to check the d..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-喜來登酒店設計簽約
at the beginning of the spring festival, in march of yangchun, relevant executives of our company welcomed chairman liu and his delegation from s..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-嵩县陆浑湖整体空间规划
in the beautiful and abundant april, the international team of jr planning ushered in the "songxian luhun lake overall spatial planning"..
香港JR设计 HK JR Design-四川大竹房地产项目
the dazhu real estate project undertaken by jr architectural design department is about 60,000, with two floors underground and 30 floors above g..