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{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——现行的方案评审制度到底公不公平?(轉載)
at the beginning of the new year, many provinces, including zhejiang, guangzhou, jiangsu, shenzhen and so on, began to adopt the "evaluation..
{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——酒店开荒
hotel opening before the reclamation work done well, for the future hotel sustainable management can lay a good foundation. so, today, i talk abo..
{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——重磅!刚刚住建部发布会表态,大力推进“新城建”。2022年设计行业的大基调基本确定!
blockbuster! just now, the ministry of housing and urban-rural development announced at the press conference that it would vigorously promote &qu..
{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——工程设计资质分类及人员配备
engineering design qualification classification and staffing工程设计资质分类及人员配备工程设计资质分为四类:综合资质,行业资质,专业资质,专项资质。一、承接业务范围:综合资质可以承接:全部行业(21个)的设计;行业资质可以承接:某..