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{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——民宿改造设计报告
homestay renovation design report目录:1、项目介绍2、方案宗旨3、综合分析4、设计概念5、区段规划 6、效果图分析 ..
{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——酒店客房设计标准大全
the design of guest rooms is the most important place to reflect the hotel's hardware services for guests. 客房的设计是体现酒店为客人硬件服务最重要的地方。 那么如何设计一个..
{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——现行的方案评审制度到底公不公平?(轉載)
at the beginning of the new year, many provinces, including zhejiang, guangzhou, jiangsu, shenzhen and so on, began to adopt the "evaluation..
{香港JR设计 HK JR Design} 香港JR带您了解——酒店开荒
hotel opening before the reclamation work done well, for the future hotel sustainable management can lay a good foundation. so, today, i talk abo..