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 Soul of Hotel design- Hotel planning&design






Hotel planning and design is different from architectural design,decorationdesign category,it is an independent comprehensive discipline,has thenature of the overall design.It is composed of functional planning,cultural orientation and construction decoration design of the three elements.Thefunction planning,cultural positioning is the soul,is to lay the groundwork for future success or failure factors hotel;and building decoration isbeautified,is also an indispensable element of packaging.

New or rebuilt the hotel,should be advocating independent,complete,professional"hotel planning and design"concept.The existing conditions in our country,by the professional hotel design company and responsible forthe overall planning and design of the hotel and the general concept design,and then by the Institute of architectural design and decoration company in the construction and decoration stage,with the overall planning scheme of the hotel,adding structure,water,electricity,communications and interior decoration design and construction and implementation of hotelnew or renovation project.

Hotel planning and design should be advocated "creative thinking"principle,should do everything possible to "different,unique,and resolutely rejectimitation,plagiarism or copying some" practices "convention.The characteristics of personality,is the hotel's life.

The total planning and design started from the planning layout of function.The hotel is a human survival and living space,especially should create personalized ripe pattern of rhythmic,rich and exotic;at the same time,should be very thoughtful and accurate will Hotel flow,logistics,service flow,traffic,fire,evacuation,and garbage,freight and other processes and services in these processes are the facilities into account,the function arealayout star hotel standard and norm,both perfect and rich,lively andsolemn.

The hotel industry in our country in the construction and renovation,due to the lack of understanding of hotel professional planning and design,did not take this one major science put into place attention,at the same time are not mandatory,the deep-seated problems with historical reasons and management system of hotel industry,resulting in widespread nonprofessional design, internal functions,the hotel layout is not reasonable,service facilities are not complete,the environment, construction,decorationart design and the cultural conflict outside the hotel,a waste of resources for investment,but also to the management of the hotel and bring great lossand waste.In the past many hotel opened at the same time began totransformation, is the lack of overall planning and design example of professional.