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香港JR设计 HK JR Design-老撾國項目設計

According to the National Tourism and Culture Ministry of Laos, JR Global Design Group will undertake the overall design task of about 3,000 acres of the Mekong River bank and Highway 13 in Vientiane City, the capital of Laos! Commissioned by the Laos Tourism Company and Laos leading Real Estate company to make a comprehensive evaluation and demonstration of the whole process of the two projects, JR will formulate specific development plans and design schemes according to the actual situation of Southeast Asia and Laos, and strive to create another urban development pole in Asia! This project will be invested in batches of about 20 billion US dollars! At the same time, JR Global and the Lao government will jointly establish the Lao National Research Institute to coordinate the future development of Laos strategic planning research!