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香港JR设计 HK JR Design-項目獲獎

The two projects designed by Hong Kong JR Design Brand Hotel Design Center and JR Architectural Planning Center, Pull Man and Greater Xi'an International Sports and Cultural Functional Zone, won the first prize in the hotel category awarded by the China Decoration Association in 2024 and set up by France in 2023. The "Design Innovation Award" of the Global Design Competition evaluated by the Academy! These two awards, one is the highest award in China's interior design, and the other is the "Double-Sided God Award", which is the world's "Oscar" Award and one of the world's three awards, which is the ceiling of the global design industry! Congratulations to JR for further encouragement in 2024, which is actually contributing several powerful works to society for the benefit of mankind!

香港JR設計品牌酒店設計中心和JR建築規劃中心設計的上饒鉑爾曼酒店(pull man)和大西安國際體育文化功能區兩個項目分獲2024年度中國裝飾協會評選頒發的酒店類“設計一等獎”和2023年度由法國設計學院評定的全球設計大賽“設計創新大獎”!這兩個大獎,一個是中國室內设计最高獎,一個是全球素有設計界“奧斯卡”獎及全球三大獎之一的“雙面神獎”,是全球設計界的天花板!恭喜JR在2024年再接再勵,實實在在為社會貢獻幾個有力的作品,造福人類!