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香港JR设计 HK JR Design-海南文旅项目

At the invitation of Hainan Baisha Government, senior officials of our company, together with leaders of Jiapo Construction and Fujian Hainan Chamber of Commerce, visited Baisha County, Hainan Province in mid-June to discuss cooperation with tea garden town, Shuoshikeng, Jiujialing National Park, low altitude flight base and other tourism projects. Received the hospitality of the government and conducted practical discussions with various government departments and discussed the feasibility of the scheme! JR, together with its partners, will give full play to its influence and design ability in both international and domestic culture and tourism. Combined with the uniqueness of the project, we are confident and capable to build south China into another demonstration site of culture and tourism project if conditions permit! Specific projects are being discussed in depth...!